A film review – well not yet – but there will be

I love cinema – proper cinema. Narrative in imagery and sound – it can be a fantastic conflux of all the dominate arts, working more or less, for better or worse in harmony. And that’s really something. It affects culture and inspires artists. And that is why I’m going to be writing review – brief but specific (hopefully). Not merely for my own gratification (though for that as well) but also so that whenever “Transformers X 2” comes out I might just possibly be able to tell you to skip it as I inevitably will. And if I do I shall have save several hours of your life from torture and denigration.

And that would be something.


Upcoming novel on Lulu.com

The Scald and The Skein, my newest novel, a crime thriller in a similar vein as No Country for Old Men, will be officially (or rather independently) released soon on Lulu.com and though you haven’t heard of my and so are unlikely to rush off and buy it take a look at the site anyways, especially if you are a unpublished writer whom wants to be otherwise. I’ll be releasing a series of drawings based on the book (mainly character studies) to promote my project so stay tuned to find out more (stay tuned – kinda cheesy isn’t it, my apologies).

A little manifesto (nothing tawdry and pretentious)

I started this blog (I hate that word and will endeavor to avoid it as much as possible) because there is very little appreciation for the arts (such as they are) in my neck of the woods here in the states. I plan on bringing together artists, but that’s a vague word – I mean novelists, short story writers, musicians, painters and sketching shut-in’s. All those people you see and think “why isn’t that guy rich? he so talented!” those are the people that I want to bring together, to collaborate, inspire and, hopefully, start making some profit off of their talents.

So if your a jeweler and you need someone to sketch up roughs for a new necklace line or your a directer looking for a sound producer for your next independent film message me and even if I can’t help you I’ll try and find someone who can.